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Aspyr’s GameAgent Isn’t Impressing Me

The status for this order has said “Processing serial number or unlock code.” since November 25th. It’s now the end of the day on November 29th.

What is the typical turnaround time on game purchases? I normally use Steam where my order is instantaneous and I can jump in and play the game immediately. I’m fairly disappointed in what will surely end up being at *least* a 5 day turnaround time for a digital download.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,


This is the email I just sent to’s support staff. Here’s hoping they read email.

GameAgent’s site, run by parent game publisher Aspyr Media, advertises “We’ll do the work. You download and play.” The site also has numerous references geared towards today’s “gotta have it now” gamer generation, such as “DOWNLOAD NOW” buttons you click on to make a digital game purchase.

The problem is the turnaround time. I bought Stubbs the Zombie from GameAgent on November 25th at around noon. My order still says they’re processing the serial code for the game. It’s now the evening of the 29th.

I can understand a turnaround time would be delayed over the Thanksgiving holiday if their billing works as a manual process, but nowhere on their site is it indicated that there is a significant turnaround time that could be impacted by holidays.

To the contrary - the site makes every indication that you put in your payment info, immediately download the game and that’s it.

I and every PC gamer I know is used to Steam. I can search for a game in Steam, click “buy” and start the download within a few minutes at the most. Usually a purchase in Steam takes me 30 seconds.

If companies want to compete with Steam, they’re going to have to step up their game.


EDIT: Update (11-30-09) [GameAgent Support Agent1 to Me]

I received the following reply from support last night:

Thank you for contacting the Game Agent Online Store.

We apologize for the inconvenince.We show that your order has been
entered and has been submitted. for this concern we have submitted a
ticket or a follow up form. Please allow us within 24 - 72 hours.


Game Agent Online Store
Customer Service
Email ID: 12762238

This leads me to think maybe my case is an isolated incident, but I’m not thrilled with the additional one to three business days added onto my already five day wait for a digital download.

Has anyone else had a better experience with GameAgent?

EDIT: Update (12-02-09)

It’s been two and a half days since I was given a 24 to 72 hour turnaround ETA on my non-functional download and I’ve heard nothing from GameAgent support.

I did however manage to get my first marketing spam email from Aspyr about a new DS game they released even though I opted OUT of all marketing type emails when I created my account. How can they manage to send out their mailers on time but not actually deliver a game they sold online?

If I don’t have a download button for my game by Friday I’m going to politely ask for a refund. It’s now been a week since I purchased this game. I would have had it sooner if I’d purchased it on eBay. That’s sad.

EDIT: Update (12-02-09) [Me to GameAgent Support]

Good morning Agent1,

I was wondering if you had an update on my ticket?

I still can’t see a download button for the game I bought last

Thanks much,


I didn’t want to wait till after the quoted 72 hour period, so I attempted contact myself. My email is as shown above.

EDIT: Update (12-02-09) [GameAgent Support Agent2 to Me]

I received this email back from GameAgent’s support company this morning.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for using Reg.Net - The Registration Network.

To redownload the order, use the link provided within the order
confirmation email that was received. If you no longer have the order
confirmation email, for your convenience, we have resent it to the email
address listed on the order. If you do not receive the confirmation
email, please check the spam or junk e-mail folder.

If you have further questions pertaining to this order, please visit our
Frequently Asked Questions page at the following web address:

If you have trouble registering or operating the software, please
contact the vendor directly at:

Website: ________
Support E-mail: Email:

Customer Support Team
Email ID: 12762238

Not only was this incredibly non helpful as the download button is *still* missing, but it seems like my last reply was just totally disregarded and I was given a cookie-cutter answer from a totally different company.

Oh, and the request for me to email if the order still wasn’t working is sort of confusing. is who this very email came from and who I’ve been emailing the whole time…

Another 32 hours and I’m asking for a refund.

Meanwhile, I’ve been having tons of fun with the many games I bought on Steam over the Holiday Sale weekend. All of which billed and downloaded instantly.

EDIT: Update (12-03-09) [Me to GameAgent / Support]

Hi Agent2,

While I appreciate the resending of my invoice, it has done nothing to
provide me with a download link for the game. The order status still
says “Processing serial number or unlock code.”

I also tried going to to
look up my order but it’s not found in that system.

It’s been eight days since I purchased this game. Please let me know
what I can do to help get the download working!



This speaks for itself. The information sent from Agent2 at was so non-helpful it’s not even funny.

EDIT: Update (12-03-09) [GameAgent Support Agent3 to Me]

I received another incredibly non-helpful email from GameAgent support:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting the Game Agent Online Store.

We apologize for the inconvenience. This concern was forwarded to the
escalation team already however it’s still pending we haven’t receive
any reply form them. If you would like to contact  Game Agent technical

Please contact technical support at:



Game Agent Online Store
Customer Service
Email ID: 12762238

Now I’m being directed to the third different support site since purchasing this game. At least it’s a company I have heard of (the game developer themselves), but this is annoying.

EDIT: Update (12-04-09) [Me to GameAgent Support]

Hi Agent3,

I’m having a hard time understanding the status of my ticket. From what I understand the following is true and correct:

a) My ticket is an acknowledged problem which has not been fixed  yet.
b) My ticket has been escalated to another, presumably higher,  technical support team.
c) This higher technical support team has been unable to fix the issue.

Can you confirm the above statements?

Also from what I gather this address (
is not the proper technical support for game download issues, even
though this is the support contact listed on the game download site. Is this correct?

Should I instead be speaking solely to Aspyr about this issue? To the
best of my knowledge I would Not talk to Aspyr, as they’re the game
publisher and possibly developer and would assist with issues occurring after I own the game. My problem is, instead, with the service which sold me the game - GameAgent care of Digital River.

Out of curiosity, who would I speak to about receiving a refund? Since it’s now been nine days since I purchased this game and have seen no product in exchange for the money I paid I’m afraid that course may need to happen in the near future.

Thanks for the response,


Becoming somewhat more frustrated, I sent this response to GameAgent support.

We’ll see what doozy they come back with this time.

EDIT: Update (12-05-09) [GameAgent Support Agent4 to Me]

Dear [AtomicGaryBusey],

Thank you for contacting the Game Agent Online Store.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we are unable to
assist you with technical support issues at the Game Agent Online Store.

Please contact technical support at:


Game Agent Online Store
Customer Service
Email ID: 12762238

I can’t begin to express how frustrated I am at this point. This is totally ridiculous. The only point I liked about Agent4’s response to me is that they are the first agent to call me by my name instead of “Customer”.

I am dumbfounded by the statement coming from the staff at GameAgent using the email address and signature block “Game Agent Online Store / Customer Service /" that "we are unable to assist you with technical support issues at the Game Agent Online Store."

Wait, what? Support doesn’t do support?

I’m also frustrated my question about a refund went unanswered, as were all of my questions.

I’ve emailed Aspyr with the whole email chain between myself and a request for this problem to be remedied.

All I want is my GD copy of Stubbs the Zombie that I paid for. Failing the company’s ability to deliver it to me, I would like a refund. This isn’t anything huge or unusual.

I think I’ve been courteous enough to GameAgent’s support staff throughout. I’m concerned about the fact that I received a reply from a different representative every single time. At any rate, here’s what I sent to Aspyr:


On November 25th, I purchased a digital copy of Stubbs the Zombie from the GameAgent online store. Since then my order has continually said it’s “Processing serial or unlock code” and does not present me with a download option.

I contacted the support address listed on GameAgent’s site, but they have now steered me to Aspyr support after ten days of misleading replies to my emails requesting this situation to be fixed.

I’ve attached the email correspondence as a text file.

Please let me know if your team is in any way able to assist with the GameAgent system’s problems and what a turnaround time on this issue will be in the event you can assist.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me.


Again, I don’t think I’m being a bitchy customer here. I really hope Aspyr can correct the horrible impression Digital River / GameAgent staff has made.

EDIT: Update (12-08-09) [Me to Aspyr Phone Support]

Well, I am absolutely floored by the latest update. After hearing nothing from Aspyr support since I opened the ticket on the 5th, I decided I’d try and get a hold of a real live human and called their support number at (512) 708-8100.

I spoke to a very nice gentleman who I will refer to as Aspyr Agent1. He informed me that Stubbs the Zombie was “never meant to be offered for sale on the GameAgent site” and expressed surprise that I hadn’t received “the email” detailing this fact. He stated refunds have started being processed for customers who mistakenly bought Stubbs from the GameAgent store. Aspyr Agent1 took my order number and email address down and promised to send referenced “the email” to me along with refund details.

So, let’s take stock of what happened here.

  1. Customer purchases game on website.
  2. Customer is unable to download product paid for.
  3. Customer contacts support.
  4. Support takes six days to refer customer to support who can help.
  5. Customer contacts support who can help.
  6. Support who can help takes three days and never even assigns customer’s ticket.
  7. Customer calls support who can help after 13 days of no game purchased.
  8. Support who can help informs customer that the game never should have been sold in the first place.

This is ridiculous. Aspyr can send mass marketing spam out about a new DS game of theirs, but can’t send an email saying “Hey, we messed up, here’s your refund?” It really had to take 13 days, numerous emails, and more than a few hoops jumped through for me to find this out?

Stubbs the Zombie *has* been removed from their store, but it was still a purchasable item even as recently as Saturday when I checked their site.

The moral of the story is I will no longer be purchasing Aspyr products. There were many ways the support could have been much better.

Here’s hoping I get the “refund” they promised.

EDIT: Update (12-08-09)

I received this shortly after my last update:

Thank you for calling us.

Your order has been refunded.

Refund number 179956609 <> has been created for this transaction in the amount of $4.99

Please let us know if you have any questions.

This at least is much more prompt service than I’ve so far received. Aspyr Agent1 should definitely be retained as he is the sole thing keeping me from ranting about Aspyr even more than I am.

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